Last Blossoms Game Best Game

By: Danielle Gawronski



Of the season.

Our SA Blossoms faced TTi: Bluebonnets in the last game of the season. It started off as the “Battle of the Flowers” and turned into a Battle Royale. At one point I stopped taking notes because I couldn’t take my eyes off the game.

Right away I knew this was going to be a good game when I saw Becca Mays pushed up out of the defense. The central midfield was made up of Mays, Cristina Nunez, and Naomi Powell. My soccer heart skipped a beat as I watched the lineup for kick off. This was the lineup I had been waiting all season to see. These three midfielders have great field vision, strong passing, smart movement off the ball, and they are team players in general. Every play in the game flowed through these three. Oftentimes, a chance on goal was because of a pass out of the defensive third by one of them. Nunez and Mays cast off the anchor of being restrained to defense. They played with a freedom and release not seen this season. We were the beneficiaries of exciting and enjoyable soccer.

The Blossoms and TTi both had opportunities, and the game went end to end. TTi scored right before halftime and were up 1-0 going into the break. Both teams traded goals the second half. Marissa Arias and Gabby Rodriguez were tearing up the defenders, taking on and beating multiple defenders. Rodriguez made some perfectly timed runs and was rewarded by Mays with a perfectly weighted pass behind the defenders to run on to and score. This is the explosive play Gabby Rodriguez made in the preseason scrimmage we have been waiting all season long to see.

I felt like I was watching the World Cup where anything can happen in the last ten minutes. Both teams had shots on goal. Blossoms’ keeper Raeann Garcia made some incredible diving saves to keep them in the game. Unfortunately, the final score was 3-2 against the first-place team in the South Texas Conference, last year’s defending conference champions. I loved seeing each of the Blossoms players giving 100% until the final whistle. These girls finished the season with heads held high. This was the best game of the season. I’m only sad it’s the last one.

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