Athenians v Pumas: What to Watch

logo athenians

  • Pregame tailgate with food trucks, music, supporters groups, and drums
  • A specific style of play similar to Pep Guardiola. Technical Director Jorge Valtonra wants the team to play with the ball at their feet not just long ball. Implementing this style means “players need to be intelligent about where to play the ball. They need to understand to read how the defense moves.”
  • “Sweet soccer, good creative soccer with passing, free flowing,” Assistant Coach Vida Mohagheghpour shared about what to expect on Sunday regarding the Athenians on field performance.
  • Goals. Vida shares that the players are ready, and forwards are hungry to play.

UNAM_Pumas logo

  • A show. Mexican teams put on a show and play entertaining soccer. Liga MX Feminil is currently in season and will put in a strong performance for 90 minutes.
  • Familiar faces. You will see Maggie Miller, Kelly Lochte, Leslie Rios, Isa Valdez, Allison Fahey, and Michelle Hogan back in Athenians jerseys this Sunday. Fahey was second in the nation in scoring the inaugural season. Valdez is a former Mexican National Player. Rios was ranked Top 5 in assists nationally the first season.
  • New Faces. The coaching staff is looking forward to seeing how the new and old players mesh on the field. Each player is being evaluated every practice and every game until the roster is finalized.
  • An exciting atmosphere. Recall the Pachuca and Tigres game that saw record crowds for the amateur women’s game in San Antonio. Expect the same interest and crowd support.

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