Dear Diary: Air BnB Dilemma

Dear Diary,

I am going to end up at the Women’s World Cup sleeping on the street. I always pride myself on being a great planner and traveler. A boyfriend or two has called me a control freak. I made sure to book my Air BnB a whole year in advance to avoid high cost and being far from everything. It was perfect! It was a block from the Cathedral of Notre Dame, it was a block from a metro station, there were wonderful restaurants, museums, and nightlife around it. The most important things there are beds for everyone. Not a pull out couch. Not a mattress/couch. But plenty of beds for all! Do you know how many listings I had to scour to find this gem? This is a great place to stay if you are a tourist.

Then a few months ago they cancelled.

I rebooked at one of the remaining places. A nice place for sure, but no longer walking distance to the attractions I had planned on seeing. Getting everyone a bed was now becoming trickier. And the price has started to creep up. I paid in full to entice them to keep the reservation. Just last week they sent a text saying ‘it’s too expensive to keep renting and he can only rent in Paris for 4 months at a time. But he will still hold it for me and I can pay cash.’ I felt like the next line should read his cousin the Nigerian Prince says it’s ok. Does anyone else have this kind of luck or is it just me?

We are on our third Air BnB. There are less than 100 days where they can cancel and try to get cash. These are going to be the longest days of anticipation praying that I have a place to stay. I may lost my mind if this one cancels too. So much for best laid plans. We’re in Paris, it’s not like there will be much sleeping going on, especially if France progress the way they should.

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