Alamo City SC Channing Machen Interview

Alamo City SC WPSL have their home opener this Sunday, May 26 in their new showcase field. Meet one of their key players that is the anchor to the team, Channing Machen. Machen played for UTSA.

IMG_4165LR = Las Rojas
CM = Channing Machen

LR – What position do you play for Alamo City SC?
CM – Right now I am starting at Center and outside back but hopefully that will change if we get our center backs back from injury.

LR – What defines you as a soccer player?
CM – I would use the words Grit and Nasty. From a very young age my mom always told me that there was a difference between being dirty and nasty. Dirty is going out of your way to hurt someone. Nasty is basically Grit. Putting your body on the line for your team. At the end of every game I look back and hopefully I can say “I did everything to possibly win this game” or “I left it all out there on the field”. Now realistically I have had some bad games, but the next time I step on the field, whether it be at practice or games I try to give everyone the competitiveness that I know I have. 

LR – What do you feel you bring to the team?
CM – I think my biggest asset to this team is my knowledge of every position. Right now, we are struggling because people are having to play positions that they have never played before and luckily enough I have played every possible in every formation when I was in college. Not saying I like that I was moved around a lot, but I’m happy that I can be a utility player and step in to positions where the coaches need someone.

LR – What do you think will be the biggest challenge this season?
CM – For me personally I think since I have been out of soccer, other than playing a little bit here and there, my fitness will be my biggest challenge. The team as a whole I think the biggest challenge will be playing with a whole new team. There are 5 of us that have played together the past 4 years but other than that this is a whole new team!

LR – You just completed your first game, what do you feel were two things you learned in this game?
CM – The first thing I learned was that the fact that we started the game with 9 players 2 of which are on the UPSL team and played amazing is crazy to me. The Titans came out buzzing a little bit but for the most part we were able to keep our composure and maintain possession even being down 11v9.

IMG_4164LR – What is you goal with soccer? Next steps?
CM – I really don’t have any next steps as far as soccer goes. I love playing but I have quickly realized that I’m not as fast as I once was. My body is very old now I think. I mean I’m only 22 but I have pushed my body through back injuries for the past 4 years that my body is starting to slow down. I love soccer and it has been my passion but it’s hard to keep pushing through injuries.

LR – What is your goal outside of soccer?
CM – Well my goal this summer is to finish this season and get married. I am very excited to get married and be with my person. He has taught me so much about myself and how to love unconditionally.

LR – You are getting married? Congratulations! Any big plans or fun plans for the wedding?
CM – We are actually having 2 weddings. My fiancé, Jesse Borden, is from Nova Scotia, Canada and so after the wedding here in San Antonio, we are going to drive 40 hours to his home and have a wedding 2 weeks later! I can’t wait!

LR – How did you meet your future husband?
CM – I met my fiancé at a baseball game. He played at UIW so when they came to play at UTSA I went to the game with some friends and ended up making eye contact with Jesse and it was history from there. We have been together almost 2 years.

LR – You attended UTSA, what’s your degree in? What do you want to use it for?
CM – My degree is Multidisciplinary Studies which is basically 3 majors in 1. My 3 focuses are Kinesiology, Education, & sociology. I want to work with CPS Investigations and help kids in situations that I have been through in my life. I want them to find the joy of living and help surround them with people who want the best for them.

LR – Who is your favorite USWNT player? Why?
CM – I think my favorite player has to be Tobin Heath. I think she’s my favorite because she’s so crafty but also not a cliché answer to this question! She’s an amazing soccer player.

LR – What should fans know about you?
CM – My fans should know that I may be the biggest on a team, in fact I’m always the smallest, but I will always play like I’m 6 foot and I’ll never back out of a tackle just because someone is bigger than me. I want the younger kids like me to know that just because you are small or “under sized” that shouldn’t stop you from being the best one day or going to the school you really dreamed of. Play your game and the way you know how to play.

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