Sporti v Samba Recap

With Sporti wearing white jerseys and bright pink socks and Samba in a navy and black kit the game began on a hot and humid day at Warrior Stadium. The crowd came out to support their favorite players with umbrellas and sunblock. It was a positive atmosphere. It was the first match for Sporti in the UPSL women’s league and the first meeting between these two teams.

5.26.2019 raeann garcia

photo credit: @sueborstmaketing

The game started off being played at both ends. Samba was led by Hannah Player in midfield and anchored by Raeann Garcia in goal. Garcia had some smart saves and in the early stage of the match she stretched out to make a diving save. Garcia had a good command of the goal, but Sporti broke through off a corner kick that Samba was slow to defend on. Samba quickly responded with a goal. Samba’s attacker got the ball out wide and dribbled in at the keeper, Sporti adjusted too late and the goal sailed past the keeper. Garcia continued to smother the attack of Sporti. The half ended one to one.

5.26.2019 sporti huddle

photo credit: @sueborstmaketing

Sporti’s Issa Valdez showed a strong physical presence in the midfield showing off her good distribution and field vision. Sporti took advantage of the size of the field pushing the ball out wide and crossing it in. Sporti’s midfield trio was solid to fill the gap between offense and defense. Sporti had more possession and shots in the first half just not finding the target. Samba was able to absorb the pressure forcing Sporti to take the outside shots. Samba maintained a compact defensive shape. Samba looked to take advantage of this on the counter attacks.

Despite pressure and shots both teams played to a stalemate of one to one. It was a good showing on both parts.

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