Alamo City SC v Lonestar Recap


Alamo City SC played Lonestar SC (WPSL match) at home Friday, May 31. Alamo City has created an environment to bring the family and watch their women compete: there are food trucks, snow cones and a rolling bar.

Alamo City bounced back from their loss to Albion Hurricanes FC. The team moved the ball and maintained possession. Lonestar was dangerous in the offensive third. The few shots they had were all strong and on target. Alamo’s Sophie Milich came up big with her saves. In the second half, a Lonestar forward came barreling down at her in a one-on-one challenge, and she got big and parried away a shot with a diving save.

Scoring opened up with a Melissa Finley header from a Channing Machen cross in the first half. This turned out to be the only goal of the game. Alamo City solidly managed the game to come away with the victory. Melissa Finley continued to deliver threatening crosses into the penalty area all the entire second half. Jessica Jackson continued to take outside shots. The Lonestar keeper was on her game, catching solid shots and a fingertip deflection in the second half. Alamo City’s speed outpaced the Lonestar defense. Lonestar didn’t seem to have the same tempo or creativity as in past years. They were playing catch up most of the game.

Machen showed her athletic prowess and physicality from end to end. She has been starting at center back while their starting center back recovers from injury. She is certainly a leader and commands the defense with Milich. One can tell by watching her on the field as she made runs through the middle that her natural position is more forward with freedom to dribble and create offensive opportunities. This will shore up the defense and add more offensive firepower to the squad.

Alamo City SC has two wins and one loss on the current season. The team continues to improve and connect more on each game.

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