Blossoms Christina “Tiny” Nunez Interview

The San Antonio Blossoms return for their second season in WPSL. Starter Christina Nunez will be returning to to join them. Hear from Nunez about soccer and her predictions for this season.

LR = Las Rojas
CN = Christina Nunez

LR – What inspired you to first start playing soccer?
CN – I started playing because my parents put me into the YMCA league with my best friend growing up. My mom has said that she knew I was a natural the moment I started playing. I have tried other sports but soccer is and will always be my number one.

Screenshot_20180621-171205 (1)LR – You graduated from MacArthur High School, did you play? What position? What did you like about that experience?
CN – I did play while at Mac and I played all four years. I played every position but keeper! The experience of playing for Lisa Mazur was awesome yet terrifying. She was a great coach but expected nothing but perfection from her players. Playing for a coach like that is hard but you rise up to the occasion and give everything you have every single game.

LR – You went to Northwestern Oklahoma State University, tell me about playing there? Position? Captain?
CN – Playing at NWOSU was great. It was difficult at first because I was so far from home but my teammates made it better. Just like high school, I ended up playing every position but keeper and was team captain my sophomore-senior years.

Screenshot_20180621-154243LR – Last season you converted to outside defender for the Blossoms, how was the transition? Do you like playing there?
CN – The transition wasn’t that hard at all! I felt very comfortable being there because of the experience I had from college. I really do love playing defense and hope to play there this season.

LR – What was the highlight of last season?
CN – I can’t pick just one highlight but I do remember the feeling of finally winning our first game against the Titans. It was such an exhilarating feeling and I hope to win more games this season.

LR – What are you looking forward to this season?
CN – Besides winning, I look forward to getting to see everyone from last year and hopefully building a stronger bond.

LR – Which team will be your biggest competition?
CN – I think every team is going to bring a different challenge so it’s hard to pick just one but I do look forward to playing against Alamo City for the first time.

LR – Who do you think will win the Red River Conference?
CN – The Blossoms!

LR – Where else do you play in San Antonio? Win any trophies lately?
CN – I play for a few coed teams around SA. The over 30 coed team I guest played with this past weekend won State! I also guest played with another coed team playing for state in a different division and were able to win the state title with that team as well. It was a great weekend all around. It’s hard trying to play every day of the week because of my job but I wish I could!

Screenshot_20180820-105619LR – When you are not playing soccer what is your career?
CN –  I am the head Girls’ soccer coach at Roosevelt and also the assistant cross country coach. Along with coaching, I teach health.

LR – Tell me about Hurley.
CN – Where do I begin?! Hurley is my 7 year old chocolate lab whom I love to death. I would literally do anything for him! Anyone that knows me, knows how much he means to me. He has gotten me through some tough situations and I’m so lucky to have him! He is such a momma’s boy and has a huge attitude. haha!

LR – You have the nickname “Tiny”, how did you get it?
CN – My friend, Michelle, started calling me Tiny in 6th grade (or it could have been 7th) and it has just stuck with me. I’m almost positive some people don’t even know my real name! It’s ok though because I do love the nickname.

LR – Who will win the Women’s World Cup?
CN – USA!! I can’t wait to watch every game. Is it June already?!

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