Blossoms in 2nd Place

The quietest women’s team on social media is making the biggest noise on the field. The Blossoms are currently tied for second place at 15 points with TTi. Seven games completed, their record stands at 5-2-0. Losses came from the first place AHFC and second place TTi. Both losses were determined by only one goal, and Blossoms fought until the end. These three teams are sharing a loss with each other, and only one point is the difference between first and second place. If the Blossoms continue to maintain this pace, getting a win over AHFC next Sunday, they can take the top point in the conference and will be in contention to take first in the conference at the end of the season.

IMG_5957This season the Blossoms have picked up right where they left off last season, winning. Names on the roster this season will be familiar: Becca Mays, Cristina Nunez, Kameron Kloza, Kendall Kloza, Mary Cardone and Naomi Powell. Several younger players who saw time last season have returned as well. With a season in the WPSL last summer, the players know what to expect on the pitch this year. Many on the Blossoms have their first college season or another college season, with the physicality, training, and increased intensity at that level under their belts. Players that last season had a weak presence on the field are taking it to their opponents this year.

Play on the field is fluid and forward pressing, leaving the other team chasing them. One can hear players yelling from the sideline to “go forward.” The field vision and soccer IQ is impressive: they see the runs, anticipate passes, switch fields and possess the ball moving it quickly. This is a team that gets the ball and keeps the ball. Goals can come from crosses in the air, cutting it back and sliding passes into the penalty area, and shots from long range. This is a complete team playing good soccer.

IMG_6037Captain Becca Mays has this to say about their season: “Things are looking positive this season. We’ve come out pretty strong every game and have been able to play quite a bit. Haven’t been able to put away as many goals as we probably should be, but the overall product has been good. We have a pretty tough schedule ahead of us still but are looking to manage it the best we can and ensure we get the results we want.”

There are plenty of games left in this short season for soccer fans to support the Blossoms and enjoy watching some great soccer.

  • June 16 @ 6:30 vs. Texas Titans
  • June 23 @ 7 PM  vs. AHFC Royals
  • July 3@ 7 PM vs TTI Bluebonnets “Battle of the Flowers”

Home field: Blossom Athletic Center

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