Alamo City Interview with Goalkeeper

Alamo City is one of the newest SA teams to enter the WPSL. Starting goalkeeper Sophie Milich shares her experiences at Auburn, her connections to the Women’s World Cup, and how she feels about Alamo City SC.

LR = Las Rojas
SM = Sophie Milich

LR – How did you become a goalkeeper? Were you always a goalkeeper?
SM –  Actually I started off as a forward/defender because of my size. However, when we started rotating people through playing goalkeeper, I made a couple good saves one game and it pretty much stuck from there. I really enjoy being able to see the entire game in front of me and help coach my team from the back. Also, it feels really awesome when you make a great save!

sophie milichLR – How did you choose Auburn for college?
SM –  My club coach told our team my freshman year of high school to make a list of 30 schools to contact. Auburn was on this original list of 30, however, they really didn’t start recruiting me until they saw me at an ECNL tournament by accident. I was recruited by Auburn, West Virginia, Rice, Louisville, and Alabama. I narrowed it to West Virginia and Auburn. Honestly, it was a really hard decision. After visiting both schools and attending both camps, I fell in love with Auburn’s campus and culture. My coach told us to choose the college, that if soccer ultimately was out of the picture, where would you be happy? And that was Auburn for me.

LR – What are your goals next season with Auburn?
SM –  I graduated earlier this month with a B.S. in Geology. I was redshirted my freshman year, so I am going to use my final year of eligibility at UTSA and start working on my Masters in Geoinformatics. My goals for UTSA are ultimately to be a leader on the team, a voice out of the back, someone the team can rely on, and compete for a conference championship!

LR – What does the future hold for you? Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
SM –  I will be working on my Master’s at UTSA with the intent to work in the oil and gas industry. I am engaged to be married this December. My fiancé, who played football at Mercer University, is working towards medical school right now. The next 10 years probably depends on where he is accepted.

LR – What is your goal this season with Alamo City SC?
SM –  Since I was primarily a back-up goalkeeper at Auburn, I am hoping to be mentally and physically game ready for the fall season at UTSA. I certainly want to keep my goals against average low, develop my footwork, and be more connected with my backline. I am also looking forward to further getting to know some of the UTSA players I will be playing with this Fall.

sophie milich 3LR – Who do you think will be the toughest team in your conference?
SM –  I think the toughest team will definitely be TTI bluebonnets from Houston. Since I grew up in Houston, I played club with several of the girls and know they are bringing a lot of collegiate experience to the table.

LR – What’s it been like being a part of Alamo City SC?
SM –  It has been awesome. The coaching staff truly cares about each player, their development, and recovery. They have made so many things available to us (i.e. ice baths, film, NormaTec, Trace Up, etc.). This helps the high school girls have a better idea for how college will be, but it also helps us to be mentally and physically prepared for all of our games.

LR – What are your hobbies outside of soccer?
SM –  I love to cook and am constantly adding recipes to my family cookbook. I also am a pretty crafty person, so in efforts to make my wedding budget stretch, I have been making A LOT of things. I also really enjoy sleeping. #athlete

LR – What are you looking forward to the most with this upcoming Women’s World Cup?
SM –  I am really looking forward to seeing some of the girls we played against at Auburn play in the World Cup. It will be really cool to be like “Hey! I played against her!” Several of the girls will be on teams besides the U.S., so I will probably be cheering for several countries.

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